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'51 BMW (EMW) R35

This is one of the postwar Eisenach built BMW singles. Needs a large dose of TLC - there's no connection between the rear drive and transmission (missing pinion teeth?), first gear won't stay engaged unless the lever is held in position and there's a number of other issues. Thankfully, lots of them were built, so parts are still available. From BMW's Mobile Tradition Historical Archives:

"After the war, the R35 saw something of a renaissance when production was restarted in Eisenach from remaining stock. Over 80,000 of the post-war BMW or EMW (Eisenach Motor Works) R35 and the follow-up R 35-3 model (with rear suspension) were produced by 1955. Some two-thirds of these motorcycles remained in their country of origin and were used in particular for state authorities' fleets. The largest proportion of exports was to the Soviet Union and to the neighbouring Eastern Block countries. Some 5,000 bikes were delivered to Western Europe as a means of generating foreign exchange, but of these only seven remained in West Germany."

Still searching worldwide for a rear drive unit as this one was bodged together out of worn bits and filled with grease to give the appearance of a working unit. Unfortunately, the whole thing is scrap. The drive coupling on the rear wheel is completely worn off as well, so a new hub will need to be sourced and installed.